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Host a SideChain Node

  • End-to-End Side Chain Solution: Take advantage of exciting developments in Layer-2 Solutions.

  • Take part in Lightning Network, RAIDEN, Mimble-Wimble, Plasma

  • Maintained Solution: Remain up-to-date with System Requirements and Protocol Updates.

  • Secure Storage and Securely-Obtained Ledger handling.

  • Custody Wallets and Trustless Solutions: Hardware Wallets, Hot & Cold Storage, MultiSig Addresses. 

  • Secure Login systems: Military Grade Encryption, 2FA, 3FA, ECDCS 

"A Side Chain remedies the limitations of the main Chain, such as lack of speed, scalability or privacy whilst maintaining the principles of  decentralization. "

What is a Side Chain?

A SideChain or Layer 2 Solution, is a separate chain pegged to the main Blockchain. 

A SideChain introduces new features or provides remedies to the limitations of the main Blockchain whilst maintaining the decentralization credentials of the main chain.

SideChains have been devised to remedy lack of speed, scalability or privacy.

Bitcoin Main Chain Limitations

Finality is the point where a transaction is irreversible.

  • Achieving finality in PoW Chains is extremely processor intensive, thus limits the speed of transactions and scale of the network.

  • Periods of high network demand, can overcrowd the MemPool and push up the cost of transactions.

  • Limitations to payment malleability such as decimal and negative balances.

  • The transparency of the Bitcoin Network can present privacy and security issues.

Less Network Load
Side chains such as the lightning Network enable more transactions/second and faster transactions by mitigating the highly Energy and Processor-intensive instances of finality.


Faster Transactions
Side Chains can allow for Real-Time, truly p2p payments. The prospects of this are highly promising, allowing for secure, disintermediated, real-time payments for e.g. per watt of electricity, per MB of mobile data or per ml of petrol.

Cheaper Transactions
Small Block sizes and high network demand bloat the network’s MemPool, pushing up the price of a timely transaction. Side Chains can shift demand from the main chain and rely on less costly consensus mechanisms. 

Side chains such as Mimble Wimble purport to be able to provide a new level of privacy, by obfuscating Bitcoin’s otherwise transparent ledger.
This mitigates security vulnerability that stem from pseudonimity,  where identifying a wallet’s owner provides uninhibited access to all of that wallet’s transactions.

Side Chain Advantages

“The Lightning Network delays and reduces the number of instances of finality, sparing Network Load.”

Lightning Network

Mimble Wimble



  • Dramatically improve speed, scalability, efficiency and privacy to your network.

  • Host a side chain node or Open SideChain channels.

  • Build a side chain wallet.

  • Create Side chain Point-of-Sale through Lighting Network, Mimble-Wimble, SegWit2x etc. 

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