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Cloud Mining
Mining Contracts and
Hashing Power Marketization

  • Start and administer your own Mining Contract Market Place

  • Accountable Mining Contracts for Multiple Coins, Algorithms and Hardware options

  • Manage user/device profiles and Mining Income through a dynamic admin panel

  • Marketization of Multiple Binaries: Hash Rate, Systems and Set-Ups

  • Point of Sale through integrated Payment-Gateways and Exchange connectivity 

"Cloud Mining services allow parties to forego many of these challenges associated with mining"

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is the process of mining by utilizing a remote data-centre with shared processing power. 

Cloud Mining services allow parties to forego many of these challenges associated with mining, including hardware, software and energy sourcing, security considerations and vigilance to updates and forks: 

Mining Difficulties

Miners encounter many of the challenges associated with beginning a profitable mining venture:

  • Sourcing Hardware that meets the requirements of each network

  • Sourcing secure, up-to-date and efficient Mining Software

  • Maintaining 24/7 High-Speed Internet Connectivity with minimal downtime

  • Managing Security Vulnerabilities including Secure Wallet and a securely obtained copy of the ledger

  • Being vigilant of changes to network rules, consensus mechanisms and Cryptographic Hashing Algorithms

Cloud Mining


1.     Immediate Start. Zero Overhead Costs
Choose between smaller scale ventures, and diversifying mining commitments to multiple coins or algorithms. Subscribe and switch between multiple hardware options.


2.     Economies of Scale
Join hands with more efficient Mass Mining Set-Ups, rather than inefficient solo-mining ventures.

3.     Remain Up-to-Date with Innovation

Delegate administration to experts. Leverage custom innovations in Hardware and Software, by Mining Farms, administered by dedicated experts in the field.
Partake in ventures with Coin/Algo-Switching capabilities, Merged Mining Capabilities and Rewards features such as vouchers or rewards programmes.

4.     Optimal Environment

Cool, dry climates are conducive to an efficient mining set-up, mitigating chances of overheating, lowering cooling costs and reducing downtime.

5.     Industry Grade Energy Sourcing

Mining Set-Ups in regions with stable energy supply and scalable energy access rather than domestic supplies.

6.   Cheaper Energy Supply

Energy costs will dictate the profitability of a venture. Lower per unit cost of energy directly correlates with profitability.

7.   Preferential Energy Sources

Allows for a subscription to mining set-ups with higher preference energy sources such as renewable energy.

  • Tested, Secure, Scalable Marketplace

  • Buy and sell Features

  • Compatible with multiple Mining Systems, Coins, Hashing algorithms

  • Choose from Multiple Pools Service specifications

  • Facilitate Multiple Contract terms: Market Hashrate or System profiles

  • Manage User/Device profiles and Mining Income through a dynamic admin panel

  • Choose from multiple Pay-Out systems through integrated Payment Gateways or Exchange APIs

  • Marketable add-ons: Include Widgets, Affiliate Systems and Progressive Rewards systems.